Interview with Alejandro M. the creator of a new role-play based videogame


Sometimes we think all videogames are born in a garage in California, but there are many projects being developed by talented people here in Spain. A few days ago we came across with one of them by chance and it was such an interesting idea that we wanted to give you the chance to know more about it and to support it. Today we talk with Alejandro M. the creator of Legends of Eternalia.

What is Legends of Eternalia about?
Legends of Eternalia is the brand of a fantasy world where different mythology and folklore is mixed. It’s a world that reminds us of The Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, novels by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hitman.

It’s in that world where the videogame The Essence Reaper Ritual develops, an epic fantasy classic role-play game where a group of 5 adventurers go through the world of Eternalia achieving missions and discoveries. One of the biggest incentives is that the choices of the player change the world around him/her and the characters that join the fight with or against him/her. The player can choose a good or  evil alignment and, although less important, his/her disposition to chaos.

The game reminds us of the system of classic games like Baldur´s Gate, Neverwinter Nights and alike, and it’s made for this type of players. The Essence Reaper is not conceived to cast a shadow on new games where we press the attack button all the time, combos, etc. It’s a role-play game with some fights, but this is not the main aspect. The important part is the story being told and the choices made by the player.

Where did the idea come from?
For many years we have been reading books that have taken us to different worlds, experiencing both classic videogames as well as board games that were pure art with a unique spirit. With time, we felt nostalgic of that art and wanted to make a mark in the world with all that we missed so much.

Who is behing this videogame?
A. Fox began writing stories about Eternalia, its geography, history, religión, races, etc. From there, we got some characters and story lines that came to life. With a beginning and an ending, the story for the trilogy was developed and the book The Essence Reaper Ritual was written.

While that was happening, I was learning programming in C#, Blender and Unity 3D. Six months later, after a lot of work and tests, I started to design the architeture of the programming and to make the first levels of the game in a very early stage version. Juan V. gave his recommendations about rules, turns, etc. He is a great expert in board games.

Almost two years later here we are. We have had a good time making this project that has nothing to do with our everyday jobs, and now we have had some people join us like Ricardo Muñoz, a 2D artist, to improve the visual aspects, since they are such a vital part to attract the player’s eye.

What other projects do you have in mind?

Quite a few, to be honest. The main problema is time, because we have our families and our jobs. Depending on the reception from our followers, we will prioritize the projects, for instance:

  • Role-play, board and strategy game: Everything in one manual. Basic rules to play in 2D square boards or more role-play base, based on the world of Eternalia. And if you want to start a full-scale battle, you can too.
    •    More videogames: we have several ideas for computers and consoles as well a mobile pones and tables, epic fantasy and cyberpunk / science fiction.
    •    Books: The Essence Reaper Ritual was published in English after two proofreaders went through the text. Now we want to publish it in Spanish, but that requires an investment to pay for editing and proofreading. We have another book written in English ready to be edited, The Rise of the Great Necromancer, that is a story happening at the same time at the one in the first book telling the story of the main villain. We have the plot for two more books of the trilogy Essence Reaper and we have started another cyberpunk / science fiction book in the world of Eternalia 2,000 years later.

What support do you need at the moment?
Well, the more the sooner we could finish the game. Making a role-play videogame of great visual beauty, music, dialogues with actors, weapons and armors, needs many artists and resources. Promoting our projects does help us, too, since without people interested in it, there is no reason to make it.

It’s important to us that people help us place the game in Steam for its distribution, by simply entering Steam greenlight
and voting Yes, leaving a comment if possible. That could help us a lot.

How do you see the situation of videogames in Spain?
I believe videogames in general had a huge boom and we are still in it. Twenty-five years ago only a small part of the population in Spain played videogames. Nowadays, almost everybody plays, whether in a computer, console, mobile or a Tablet. This digital world of videogames and apps is gigantic.

In Spain we have very talented people, full of ideas and enthusiasm, that can push projects and there have been very good ones made in Spain, that years later are still the best I have seen. For example Praetorians (the best in strategy ever made), Comandos or Castlevania.

Now, in Spain, could we stand out in the world market of videogames? I think we could, we have done it with very good quality products, but it’s a different thing to see if we will do it in the next few years. There are several aspects to consider in my opinión. On one hand, programming has become something very cheap, mainly because countries with low manufacturing costs can do that job, and many companies use that since they can do the project online.

On the other side, it is being offered very specialized education in game developing, so we are creating profesional people in the field.

I think some of the key factors for Spanish companies are:
•    Creativity and art cannot be mass produced.
•    Determination
•    Funding

The first one goes with the person. You have it or you don’t. Determination is the will power to focus on a goal and push for it. With work and will power you can get anywhere if you have skills.

Funding is something where maybe videogames don’t have as much support as other businesses, but today there are alternatives, like crowdfunding platforms. If you are an innovative, creative team with different strenghs I think with effort you can get your foot in the door.

Interview by

Verónica Cervilla




Alejandro M.

Graduate in Chemistry. His career has been mostly built in a lab, having programming as a hobby. He enjoys creating new things and solving problems.  He confesses that this videogame, the Essence Reaper Ritual, is the most fun thing he has ever done in the digital world and also the most impressive. It made him work hard for two years to gain a better skill in programming to take the game to the next level.



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